If you have recently bought a brand new Smart TV or a large LED, Plasma or LCD Television and would like it installed and wall-mounted then we can help. We can also help you with home cinema installations to enhance your home entertainment experience.

At Aerial Services we offer a comprehensive flat screen TV installation and wall mounting service to suit your requirements. We have been installing digital home cinema and audio systems for many years and we know what it takes to provide a successful TV installation.

To get the best out of your viewing experience we can arrange for our professional engineers to visit your home and help you decide on the best location for your TV. They will also give you excellent advice about the various fitting options and how you can discreetly hide any cabling.

If you are in the process of moving home and need help with uninstalling your TV system then we can help with that as well. As specialists in TV installation we can help you install televisions in any room that you want, even in locations like a bathroom or loft conversion. Our engineers are fully qualified and possess all the necessary training to fit your TV safely, no matter what the circumstances might be.

We can also provide you with details of available fitting options and brackets before starting the job, and we will work closely with you to make sure your precise requirements are met.

Expensive LED, Plasma or LCD TVs can sometimes be a target for thieves and with this in mind, we can secure your TV in a way that will make it very difficult to steal. This will give you added peace of mind that all efforts have been made to make your TV as secure as possible.

TVs and cables can also be very inviting for young children and pets, as well as being hazardous. By mounting your TV on a wall safely and securely and discreetly hiding all the cabling you can ensure they are kept out of harms way and you avoid any nasty accidents and expensive breakages. We can show you how to achieve this.

Why choose Aerial Services?

All our engineers are highly trained, experienced and work with the very latest and highest quality equipment. We hand pick our engineers based on their professionalism, skills and commitment to customer service. They will provide you with advice you can trust and a high quality service at all times. Call our team today on 01923 375360 for more information